About us

The Indian soccer Futsal Federation (ISFF) was formed on 27th December 2009. The federation has been formed to provide a platform for new Learner, Talented, Upcoming, Rising, Youngster Boys & Girls/ Men & Women soccer players to Develop, Promote, Motivate and Encourage them for the CLASS. Soccer experience plays a vital role in developing the skills of a player to grass root level. We appreciate the support from the Asia India Futsal Community.

In addition to the entrance of more Indian states and districts, the core values of LOVE, PEACE, and FRIENDSHIP our working plans of ISFF help enhance the interaction between our members and the promotion of Indian Futsal.

ISFF keep bringing the latest Futsal knowledge and experience form the AMF and help assisting its members to promote Indian Futsal through various Futsal events to achieve the spirit of “Futsal for everyone, Futsal all around”.

Futsal is the way how the world plays indoor soccer. Soccer Futsal means 5 – A – side football game, which is very popular. ‘Like Cricket T20, Like Football T20’.

It is played by over 120 countries and more than 12 million players all over the world.

Important thing is that without the walls, Futsal is a great skill developer demanding quick reflexes, fast thinking and pin – point passing. It is an exciting game for the children as well as adults. Futsal is played with a special low bounce ball, requiring players to use their skills. “INDIAN SOCCER FUTSAL FEDERATION.”

We invite everyone to take the opportunity to play and enjoy the game Futsal. If one has started playing it, one will never stop playing it.

Please feel free to contact us if you find a team to play in a club/ Association/ School /College / Institute to try out for a league or if you would like to begin league of your own.